AlloyGator Wheel Protectors

Personalize and protect your vehicle with patented Alloygators available in more than 10 different colours! These tough wheel protectors are designed to take a beating and can be replaced individually at a fraction of the cost of traditional alloy wheel repair! For a comparison of genuine Alloygator wheel protectors and inferior competitor products, check out our blog post here!

Alloygator wheel protector colours

AlloyGator Pricing

AlloyGators are affordable at an installed price of:

  • Original Series (13-21") $260 + tax - Set of 4
  • Original Series (13-21") $70 + tax - Single Replacement
  • Exclusive Series (12-24") $320 + tax - Set of 4
  • Exclusive Series (12-24") $90 + tax - Single Replacement

Contact us today to schedule your installation! An installation for a set of 4 AlloyGators usually takes around an hour and a half.

AlloyGator Introduction Video

AlloyGator Install Gallery

Here are some of the AlloyGators we've installed at Overdrive on customer vehicles!

BMW M5 black alloygators

Mitsubishi RVR on red alloygator

Mercedes ML silver exclusive alloygator

W205 C Class Red Alloygator Black

Nissan Murano black alloygator

Tesla Model X on white alloygator

BMW 528i gold with red alloygator

Lexus RX350 red alloygator

Lexus RX350L black screen

Audi RS7 on red alloygator

Range rover Velar graphite alloygator

Rav4 red alloygator

BMW M5 purple alloygator

BMW 3 series white on red alloygator

Graphite alloygator honda accord

BMW Z4 with Red Alloygator

Ford F150 Raptor Red Alloygator

Black alloygator VW GTI

Kia optima red alloygators

Mercedes S63 on black alloygator

Kia Optima red alloygator