F10 BMW 5 Series Alloygator Installation

This customer had "wheel protectors" previously installed by another shop which are of the tape on variety. We've seen these sold under a number of brand names but they are an inferior product to the heavy duty patented Alloygators that we carry. The tape is also prone to flying off as the effectiveness varies too much based on temperature and preparation done by the installer. Not only that but when you want to remove these cheap stick on "protectors", there is significant residue left over from the adhesive tape that you'd have to physically scrape off which could introduce new scratches to the wheel. The tape also will not stick to wheels with existing damage since the surfaec will be too bumpy to attach to.

Wheel protector bmw

Our patented Alloygators are made in the UK and carried by many dealerships as they are the only safe product to use. In the event that you want to change them for another colour or need to remove them for any other reason, they can be removed cleanly and reused as well. The colour on genuine Alloygators also goes all the way through the wheel protector and will not fade or discolour, even when curbed. All-in-all, it's a quality product that's made to last a long time

BMW 5 series alloygator installation

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