Automotive Installation Services

Here are some of our standard base installation service rates, additional charges may apply for certain vehicles that require more time (such as trim or body panel removal). Services not listed below will be calculated based on our shop rate which is $100 per hour. For a detailed quote or to book an appointment, contact us today!

Car Security and Remote Starter Services

Alarm and Keyless Entry Install $400 4 Hours
Power Door Lock Install (Per 2 doors) $250 2.5 Hours
Remote Starter Install - Hardwire (Automatic) $400 4 Hours
Alarm/Starter Install - Hardwire (Manual) $650 6.5 Hours

Lighting Services

LED/Halogen Bulb Install $50 0.5 Hours
LED/Halogen Bulb Install (Bumper Removal Required) $200 2 Hours
Bi-Xenon HID Kit Install (H4/H13) $150 1.5 Hours
Turn Signal LED Load Resistor Install $50 0.5 Hours
OEM & Universal Style Foglight Kit Install (with Button) $300 3 Hours

Car Audio, Video, and Navigation Services

As install times vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle, please contact us with your vehicle information (year, make, model) for the most accurate quote.

Head Unit Installation (most vehicles) $150 1.5 Hours
Backup Camera Install - Aftermarket Deck/Screen (most vehicles) $250 2.5 Hours
1 Channel Basic Install $50 0.5 Hours
1 Channel Dash Cam Hardwire $100 1 Hour
2 Channel Dash Cam Hardwire (Most Sedans/Coupes) $150 1.5 Hours
2 Channel Dash Cam Hardwire (Hatchbacks, SUVs, European) $200 2 Hours
2 Channel Backup Cam Style Dash Cam Hardwire $300 3 Hours
Coax Speaker Install (Pair) $200 2 Hours
Component Speaker Install (Pair) $300 3 Hours
Subwoofer/Mono Amplifier Install $400 4 Hours
Multi Channel Amplifier Install $500 5 Hours
Factory Amplifier Bypass (4CH) $200 2 Hours

Wheel and Tire Services

Starting at
Mount and Balance Standard Profile (16" or under) $20 per Tire
Mount and Balance Standard Profile (17"-18") $25 per Tire
Mount and Balance Standard Profile (19"+)

$30 per Tire

Mount and Balance Light Truck Tires $35 per Tire
Installation of Mounted Wheels/Tires

$40* per set

Tire dismount $10 per Tire
Wheel Alignment $125

*Additional charges for run flat, stretched, and extreme sizing

Window Tinting

Sunshade (Window Strip) $60
Front Windows (2 Panels) $100
3 Rear Windows (Coupe/Hatchback/etc.) $180
5 Rear Windows (Sedan/Crossover/etc.) $250
7 Rear Windows (SUVs/Minivans/etc.) $300