VW Golf R (MK7) Graphite Alloygator Install

Our customer came in asking if we had any solutions for some minor curb rash on one of the 19" wheels on his Golf R. These larger wheels have very low profile tires that offer little to no curb protection so it's a common question we get asked. We ended up installing a set of graphite Alloygators to cover up the curbage as well as offer future protection should it happen again.

The colour of the factory 19" wheels is a bit darker than the regular silver Alloygators, so we went with graphite. We find that darker Alloygators are easier to keep clean than lighter ones any way! Check out the before and after with the left rear wheel curbage in the pictures below.

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Golf R Graphite alloygator

Alloygator golf r curbage

Golf R graphite alloygator