Volkswagen Tiguan Dash Cam and Window Tint

Although this first generation Volkswagen Tiguan had a factory tint, our customer found that this tint offered no real added privacy as typically found on SUV tints. This means that you could clearly see the contents of the back seat and trunk during the day through the factory tint. The picture below gives a good idea of the factory tint on the Tiguan which is a strange green colour. To give the Tiguan a new look, we put a 35% tint over the factory green tint which made for a much cleaner look on this black painted car. You can still see a bit of the green colour on the rear tint but overall the car looks a lot better. It'll also be worth noting that the 35% tint on this car looks darker than a typical 35% tint job since the factory tint is around 50% to begin with. 

Volkswagen tiguan factory tint

In addition to the window tint, we also installed the Blackvue DR900S-1CH dash cam with power magic pro hardwire kit. This hardwire kit monitors the car's battery while parked and supplies power to the dash cam to run parking mode. The DR900S-1CH has a 4K video resolution and offers the best video quality we've seen in a parking mode dash cam yet. It has a stealthy black cylindrical design which is suited nicely to this handsome black SUV.

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Install Pictures

Volkswagen tiguan 35% tint

VW Tiguan dash cam blackvue dr900s-1ch

VW Tiguan dash cam and tint

VW Tiguan Tint overdrive richmond