Window Tinting Services

We're pleased to announce that we now offer window tinting services at our Lansdowne Centre location in Richmond, B.C. Tinting is available by appointment only, contact us today to book your vehicle in! 

Our Tint

We have a variety of shades available and are using the SunTek Carbon series of tint. Here are some facts on our tint material:

  • Available in 5%, 18%, 35%, 55%, and 70%
  • 99% UV protection
  • Non-reflective black finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty against fading

Suntek Tint Shade


Tint pricing varies depending on the application and the number of panels you are looking to do. Here is our price chart for window tint jobs

 Sunshade (Window Strip) $60
Front Windows (2 Panels) $100
3 Rear Windows (Coupe/Hatchback/etc.) $169.95
5 Rear Windows (Sedan/Crossover/etc.) $249.95
7 Rear Windows (SUVs/Minivans/etc.) $299.95


Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the tint darkness

Mercedes 500E Window Tint

Mercedes 500E with 55% front tint and 35% rear tint (5 Window + Front Windows)

Prius Tint

Toyota Prius with 18% rear tint, no front tint (5 Window)

Audi S3 Window Tint

Audi S3 with 35% rear tint, no front tint (5 Window)

BMW M2 35% tint

BMW M2 with 35% rear tint, no front tint (3 Window)

Prius Prime Tint

Prius prime tint 35% 55%

Prius Prime with 35% rear tint, 55% front tint (9 windows)

Kia Stinger Tint

Kia Stinger 70% front, 35% rear (7 windows)

4Runner 70% front tint

Toyota 4Runner 70% front tint (2 windows), stock rear tint

BMW E90 Tint

BMW 325i 18% rear tint (5 windows), no front tint