Tesla Model 3 Window Tint and Alloygator Install

We installed a set of silver Alloygators on this Model 3 for a subtle and clean look a few weeks ago. When we had him come back for a window tint, he had already put the wheel protectors to use. One of the Alloygators bulged out slightly from the impact but we were able to put it back in without issue. Low speed curbage typically doesn't require replacement as long as the driver is okay with the aesthetic of the curbed wheel protector.

For the tint, we only did the rear side windows. The top/rear window is one giant piece and can be done for around $500 but it already has a solar tint to it. We did a 35% tint on the side windows which closely matches what's on the top portion of the roof glass. 

Install Pictures

Tesla model 3 overdrive

Tesla model 3 18% window tint

Silver alloygator tesla model 3