Silver Alloygator Wheel Protectors on Mercedes GLK350

Large wheels and low-profile tires may make for a great aesthetic, but these setups are prone to wheel curbage. Our customer brought in her GLK 350 for Alloygator Wheel Protectors as all four of the 20" wheels had some degree of curbage. We went with a silver colour as it matched the wheels closely as well as the car's paint. In the sample below, you can see a before and after with the AlloyGator. Note that this is without any traditional alloy wheel repair. The wheel protectors themselves do a decent job of hiding a lot of the existing damage. Going forward, if the wheels do undergo any additional curbage, the customer can simply get the individual AlloyGators replaced at a fraction of the cost of traditional repair. 

Install Pictures

Silver alloygator before and after

Silver alloygator mercedes glk 350