RDTK R20X Backup Camera in Porsche Cayenne

We previously installed a Thinkware F800 Pro dual channel dash cam on this Cayenne but a year later, our customer wanted to add a backup camera as well. Double din replacement is a possibility for this generation of Cayenne, however with the necessary install parts the whole setup would be upwards of $2000. We showed them the RDTK R20X Pro Duo as an alternative and they liked it. As a dash cam, it's nowhere near as sophisticated as the F800 Pro they already had but it doesn't hurt to have an additional angle and camera recording in case one fails. 

Installation on this type of vehicle is particularly difficult as the hatchback and window separates. Feel free to contact us for a quote on this type of system on your vehicle!

Cayenne Overdrive

Cayenne RDTK R20X

Cayenne backup cam r20x

RDTK R20X Pro Duo cayenne