Honda CRV (3rd Generation) R20X Backup Camera Install

We installed the RDTK R20X system on this 3rd generation Honda CR-V. It features a 2K resolution front dash cam and a 1080P rear dash cam. The lens angle is adjustable from the outside by way of two small screws. The main display can be turned off and used as a regular mirror while the camera still records in the background. 

This camera system can be installed on any generation of Honda CR-V and is a more affordable option than a typical double din radio installation. The dash cam offers high quality recording but it does not have a true buffered parking mode to catch hit and runs while the car is turned off. Contact us today for a consultation on fitting your vehicle with a camera system!

Honda CRV Backup camera

RDTK R20X honda cr-v

RDTK R20X Backup camera crv

RDTK R20X backup camera honda crv