Ford Mustang Sony XAV-AX5000 + Viofo Dash Cam Install

This single owner Mustang was due for an upgrade when the factory Mach 460 CD changer started acting up. The car was making strange electrical noises and our customer was looking for better connectivity anyway. After comparing the Alpine ILX-W650 and Sony XAV-AX5000, she decided on the Sony as she preferred the screen and interface. We also liked how the grey finish on the Sony AX5000 matches nicely to the grey console of this generation of Mustang. 

She had an existing Sirius XM subscription so we also fitted this deck with the Sirius XM tuner. The advantage to getting the dedicated Sirius XM accessory for aftermarket head units is that you can control it through the touchscreen, much like a factory satellite radio system. We also added a backup camera to help with parking as rear visibility isn't the best on these long convertibles. As per wiring, it's important to get the correct harness to retain function of the factory Mach 460 amplifier system on this Mustang. 

A simple dash cam was added by way of the Viofo A119 V3. This is our favourite budget dash cam thanks to its sleek form factor and amazing video quality. It's hardwired for parking mode recording to keep this vehicle protected all the time.

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