Cadillac ATS Niche Altair Alloygator Install

Our customer's Cadillac ATS fitted with Niche M192 Altair wheels came in after they had curbed the wheels pretty hard. What happens in this case is that the black paint gets scratched off exposing the bright silver metal underneath. The Alloygator wheel protectors can help by not only protecting from future curbage, but also hiding a lot of any existing damage to the wheel. Check out the before and after below!

Contact us today to book your appointment for Alloygator wheel protectors! It's best to get this done before any curbage is done to your wheel, rather than after! We recommend wheel protectors whenever you purchase a new set of wheels. 

Cadillac ATS Niche Altair M192 black on black

Niche Altair Curbage

Black alloygator curbed wheels