BMW X2 Thinkware FA200 Dash Cam + Alloygator Wheel Protectors

After a bit of minor curbage on the right rear wheel, our customer decided to invest in some Alloygator wheel protectors for his new BMW X2. As you can see, the wheel protector hides the majority of the existing curb rash and in the silver colour it's a fairly subtle piece. In the future, should he curb the wheels again he would only need to replace the wheel protector. 

With the dash cam, we went with the Thinkware FA200 2-Channel which is an affordable and reliable option for any vehicle. This camera has parking mode capabilities as well as a user friendly WiFi app. With the professional hardwire install the wires are run through the grommets of the hatchback with only a few inches of wire showing up front. For newer BMW's like this, we recommend a battery pack if more than a few hours of parking mode is needed. For example, if the car is parked on the street and needs to record overnight. The battery pack will avoid any battery drain related issues with the car's computer and iDrive system.  

BMW X2 Silver alloygator

BMW X2 Thinkware FA200 2CH

BMW X2 Rear dash cam

BMW X2 Alloygator Curbage

BMW X2 Alloygator Silver