VIOFO A229 Duo (2K+2K) Install Bundle

VIOFO A229 Duo (2K+2K) Install Bundle

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The Viofo A229 Duo is a 2K + 2K front and rear dash cam with a compact wedge design. Fully featured with LCD screen, WiFi, and parking mode capabilities. With the option to use the built-in screen as well as the app, this is one of the most user friendly dash cams available while packing some of the best video quality on the market. The ability to capture license plates beats out even more expensive dash cams that claim to have higher resolution. 

Compared to the outgoing A129 and other Viofo models, we appreciate the new coaxial rear camera cable design. It makes installation a lot cleaner and reduces the risk of rattles and squeaks in the cabin with the new thinner cabling. 


  • Dual Quad HD (2K front + 2K) rear resolution with high bitrate recording
  • Dual Sony Starvis IMX335 (5.14MP) sensors) 
  • Buffered parking recording with motion detection
  • GPS enabled (with included mount) for time setting, speed/location display
  • Compact wedge shaped design
  • Dual-Band WiFi enabled for data transfer and settings changes

What's Included

  • VIOFO A229 Pro Duo 2-Channel Dash Cam
  • VIOFO Type-C HK4 Hardwire Kit
  • 128GB Micro SD
  • Installation Service

Sample Video