Radium Engineering Dual Catch Can Kit for Nissan 370Z

Radium Engineering Dual Catch Can Kit for Nissan 370Z

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To keep the symmetry that Nissan designed into the VQ37VHR engine bay, the catch cans secure to the RH strut tower and LH strut tower. 

No permanent modifications are required. The two oil catch cans run inline with the twin PCV valves integrated into the valve covers retaining factory functionality. 


  • Anodized oil catch can with integrated condenser and dipstick
  • Anodized aluminum 370Z specific mounting brackets
  • Anodized aluminum -AN adapter fittings and hose ends
  • Stainless steel P/S reservoir and relay box relocation brackets
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware


  • Effectively raises the octane and increased engine performance from cleaner inlet air
  • Prevents oil buildup in the intake or intercooler system walls, throttle body, intake manifold, etc.
  • Excessive oil collection can be an indicator of a damaged engine.
  • Lowers hydrocarbon emissions
  • Capacity: 6 fluid ounces
  • Height (without fittings): 5 inches
  • Outside Diameter: 2.45 inches
  • The stainless steel filtration media is cleanable and reuseable