Carbotech Brake Pads for GR Corolla
Carbotech Brake Pads for GR Corolla

Carbotech Brake Pads for GR Corolla

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  • Sport and track pads for Toyota's GR Corolla
  • Carbotech unique's ceramic kevlar based compounds offer great fade resistance, bite and are non-corrosive unlike most track-worthy pads
  • Friendly on rotors and wheel finishes
  • Carbotech's full range of pads from 1521 to RP2 are available but we don't realistically foresee any reason to go beyond XP10 for these cars.
  • Carbotech recommends resurfacing or replacing rotors before installing their track pads. Bedding recommendations on Carbotech's website here

Pad Shape

  • CT26747F Front Caliper 
  • CT26746R Rear Caliper 


  • AX6: Autocross compound for good cold bite, operating temp 50-1000F (10-537C). Progressive modulation and release
  • XP8: high torque brake compound with operating temp of 200-1250F (93C - 676C). Excellent modulation and release at track temperatures, good for use with any tire
  • XP10: higher coefficient of friction while maintaining excellent rotor friendliness. Max operating temp >1475F (801C)