AL Priority Rear Sensors
AL Priority Rear Sensors

AL Priority Rear Sensors

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  • Optional Add-On for AL Priority Laser Defense System (Main system required to function)
  • Used to protect against LIDAR targeting from the rear
  • 2.5m Extension cables included to run sensors for rear

Recommended Configurations

  • Dual (2x RX Sensors): Offers protection against standard LIDAR on small to midsize vehicles, not ideal for DragonEye
  • Dual (1x RX + 1x TX Sensors): With the TX mounted beside the RX in the center of the vehicle above the license plate, offers sufficient coverage for a midsized vehicle and protection against DragonEye
  • Triple (2x RX + 1x TX Sensors): Offers maximum rear protection for full size vehicles

Installation Notes

  • Unique mounting brackets are included for all RX and TX sensors
  • TX Sensors must be mounted at least 50cm above ground, thus some lower sports cars such as Lamborghinis and Porsches are not compatible with TX sensors and a triple RX setup should be used
  • Sensors must be mounted leveled and not to be angled inwards or outwards
  • See pictures for different configurations!