Overdrive Track Day 2023

We are excited to announce that we'll be hosting our track day at Mission Raceway Park on Monday June 26, 2023. Lunch will be provided for participants and guests. We will also have raffle prizes for participants (one entry per participant). Early-bird pricing is just $300 (tax included) which ends June 12th 2023, link to pay and sign up here. (A separate e-mail will be sent out after registering for waivers, emergency contacts, dietary restrictions, etc.)

We are also co-hosting a Ridge Motorsports Park track day with Axon and Yumesports on Sunday July 2nd, registration and rules are on Motorsportreg. Lunch will not be provided for the Ridge day. 


    • Snell 2015 (SA2015/SM2015) or newer helmet; loaner helmets are not available
    • Wristbands and waivers for all drivers, passengers, and spectators
    • Vehicle tech self-inspection form will be required to be completed. Note: event staff will still be looking over cars in the pits, if anything is deemed to be unsafe on your vehicle, you will be asked to resolve the issue prior to re-entering the track


    The event will be capped at 40 participants and we will have 4 run groups. We will also have a novice group and instructors available for registered novice participants. At the moment, we do have flexibility to book a private run group for any car club, friend group, corporate bookings, etc. 

    Event Schedule

    • Gates open for sign-in/registration at 8:00AM
    • Mandatory driver's meeting at 8:30AM
    • A group runs at top of the hour (9:00AM, 10:00AM, ...)
    • B group runs at quarter past (9:15AM, 10:15AM, ...)
    • C group runs at half hour (9:30AM, 10:30AM, ...)
    • Novice group runs at quarter to (9:45AM, 10:45AM, ...)
    • Lunch (provided by Overdrive) 12PM-1PM
    • Event ends at 4PM

    Participant-Exclusive Deals!

    • 10% off on mount and balance services
    • 5% off on brake fluid flushes, track prep labour, and alignment
    • 5% off on Racequip and HJC SA2020 helmets
    • 5% off on Nankang summer tires


    • BRAKES! - OEM brake pads and street fluid often are insufficient at Mission which is a very brake-heavy track. If fluid has not been changed in the last 6 months, we highly recommend a flush with some sort of racing brake fluid (e.g., ATE Typ 200, Motul RBF600/RBF660, Textar DOT4R, Castrol SRF). There is nothing scarier than stepping on your brakes and having your pedal go to the floor and not being able to slow down
    • Egos - Our lapping day is intended for drivers to have fun, be safe, and build skill towards being better drivers. It is not a race and there are no trophies to take home so please approach the event with an open mind and don't worry about lap records and passing other drivers. We will be actively monitoring drivers who are not courteous or are excessively aggressive and black flag them if they jeopardize event safety.
    • Talk to your organizers - We will have multiple event staff on-site that are readily accessible if you have any issues throughout the day. We encourage participants to speak up so that our event can run as smoothly as possible.
    • Fuel - Make sure your fuel tank is topped up and take time between sessions or during the lunch break to go out into town and fill your tank. Fuel starve can happen on many street cars at higher g-forces and can be an inconvenience as well as a liability for your engine. 
    • Tires - bring a tire gauge to monitor your pressures throughout the day. One of the easiest ways to fine tune your car's handling balance and managing heat. Street tires may not be able to handle repeated laps of hard driving and may start to get greasy at higher temperatures.