October 1st 2023 Ridge Motorsports Park

We have the exciting opportunity to offer a track day on Sunday October 1st 2023 at the Ridge Motorsports Park with Kalson and Axon Sim. We've heard the feedback and wanted to try a new format for our event by offering 4 run groups instead of 3! We hope to reduce traffic by 40% in each run group by going from 20 minute sessions to 15 minute sessions. This should not only provide a safer track environment but also give drivers the space and opportunity to run faster lap times and properly stretch their legs!

Historically the first week of October has always had great weather and should run a bit cooler than our July or August track days so it's a great opportunity to set a personal best. We also wanted the Sunday event so that those who work Monday to Friday won't need to take time off work to attend. This should be an epic season closer event!

Click the link below for the Motorsportreg link below with more details about the event! 

Pricing will be $375 USD per entrant, however if Axon reaches 1000 members by October 1st, the rate will be discounted to $300 USD! We are huge advocates for Sim racing as it is an incredible tool for training your reflexes that will translate to faster and safer driving on track as well as on the street. Please consider signing up fro an Axon membership or getting a punch card! https://axonsim.com/sim-center/sim-center-info/



Links to pictures and videos from the event will be shared here!