Dash Cam Installation Services

Overdrive is proud to be one of the leading dash cam installers in the Lower Mainland. We specialize in hardwiring parking mode dash cams and are partnered with leading retailers, dealerships, and business fleets that have given us extensive experience with dash cam installation.

Installation rates start at:

$90 + tax: 1-Channel Hardwire Installation 

$135 + tax: 2-Channel Hardwire Installation

$270 + tax: 2-Channel Hardwire Installation with exterior mounted rear camera

Where install rates may vary...

It's important to note that rates can vary from vehicle-to-vehicle and camera-to-camera.

  • Fuse box location affects install times dramatically and some vehicles do not even have interior fuse boxes. This may require taking apart the center console or running wires through the engine bay for power.
  • Power supplies may vary. If you simply want your camera plugged into a 12V cigarette outlet, rates will typically be cheaper. However if you want to hardwire your camera, other parts and materials may be required that can increase the rate.
  • Vehicle complexity; some vehicles require more time and attention to install thus increasing our operating costs. Removing additional panels like spoilers to run a rear camera wire will involve additional costs. Custom brackets will also increase installation costs.


We back our work with a limited lifetime guarantee. If an issue arises with your installed dash cam, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance! We've been installing dash cams professionally for more than 5 years and have the expertise to diagnose and resolve most issues.