Work ZR10 Asterism Black on Michelin PS AS4

We love helping setting customers up with awesome wheels, and this FK8 CTR came in for a set of Work Emotion ZR10's in a special finish.

Not to be fooled, but this Asterism Black finish on the ZR10's is anything but black. This special finish from Work Wheels gives the set of wheels a dark iridescent look, showing strong hues of purple in lower light and turquoise in different angles. 

Within the Work Wheels brand, there are certain subcategories that offer custom bolt pattern on their wheels giving customers more flexibility in their wheel options. The sizing spec of the wheels is a bit more aggressive and on the fronts there are some visible poke. As the customer wanted an all-season performance tire, the wheels were wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport AS4's. To complete the look, we installed the optional black Work Emotion center caps and used Project Kicks Monolith lug nuts that were in a similar finish as the Asterism Black.

As a side note, no rolling or cutting of the fenders were necessary to fit these wheels on stock suspension.

Work Emotion ZR10 Specs:

  • Bolt pattern: 5x120
  • 18x9.5 +38
  • Special Asterism Black finish
  • Black Work Wheels center caps
  • Michelin Pilot Sport AS4: 265/35-18 all around
  • Project Monolith lug nuts