VW Mk6 Golf GTI RDTK R20X Install

Our customer recently picked up this 2013 GTI which had a factory touchscreen radio but no backup camera. Adding a camera to the factory screen is possible, but the module and harness to do this is quite pricey and in our experience can have a bit of delay before it switches the screen. We went through the different options and found that the RDTK R20X was the most cost effective for his needs as it offers both a dash cam and high quality backup camera for a very fair price. He was impressed by the video quality of this dash cam and wanted to keep the interior looking OEM. We installed the camera just above the license plate on the bumper.

For reference, on a MK6 GTI:

  • Apple CarPlay double din with all installation accessories and backup camera starts around $850 installed 
  • Reverse camera kit to add an aftermarket camera starts around $650 installed
  • RDTK R20X 2K/1080P dash cam + backup cam, under $500 installed!  

If you have questions about adding cameras to your vehicle, contact us today! 

VW Gti backup camera

RDTK R20X Backup camera gti

RDTK R20X Backup camera vw gti mk6