Volvo XC90 (1st Gen) Alpine iLX-W650 Stereo Install

This first gen XC90 came in to replace the very outdated factory stereo system as the owner wanted modern creature comforts such as Apple CarPlay and bluetooth audio. Enter the Alpine iLX-W650 stereo unit which offers such features and more. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on this unit would require a USB connection. With a decently sized 7" capacitive touchscreen, the unit and the dash kit creates a sleek and simplified look in comparison to the clunky and busy factory setup. We also retained the steering wheel controls on the vehicle, which--unless requested--installing a new stereo would not have. We always ask our customers if they would like to retain their steering wheel controls as there is extra cost needed. It is obviously worth the cost, especially the driver has been using the steering wheel controls prior to the new unit installation.