Volkswagen Passat Dash Cam, AlloyGators, and Tint!

This VW Passat owner treated his car to the works with wheel protection, 2-channel dash cam, and tint to beat the heat! The Alloygators are a subtle graphite colour and keep the appearance of the car very clean while protecting the 18" wheels from curb damage. The tint is also subtle at 55% all around which gives some added privacy at night while blocking UV rays during the day. 

For the dash cam setup, we went with the Thinkware F800 Pro. This powerful 2-channel (front and rear) dash cam records in parking mode at 1080P for both cameras. We mounted the front camera on the windshield frit for added discreetness.  

VW passat tint dash cam alloygator

VW passat f800 pro

VW Passat 70% tint

vw passat 70% tint