Volkswagen Jetta Kenwood Radio Replacement

Our customer brought in this VW Jetta as the factory infotainment system would not turn on. These head units are complicated as they run CANBUS data and it's not as simple as finding another accessory wire to turn it back on. Ever since the early 2000's, German cars have become increasingly complicated to change out the factory radio as so many systems are integrated. For these late model VW's, we prefer to use iDatalink's Maestro RR module which is a web-programmable interface that provides all the necessary outputs for an aftermarket receiver. Furthermore, the Maestro RR is capable of retaining steering wheel controls and displaying gauges through OBD onto an aftermarket double din. 

Our customer wanted to keep the cost down so we went with a single din CD/Bluetooth receiver from Kenwood. This is a higher end single din deck that has variable illumination, USB charging, spotify control, and external microphone. It's perfectly fitted in this VW's center console using the Metra dash kit that adds a convenient pocket for smartphone storage.

Install Pictures

VW Jetta factory head unit dead

Kenwood single din CD Player VW Jetta

Maestro RR VW1 Installation