Volkswagen Golf R (MK7) on Enkei RPF1 + H&R Sport

We installed the 18x9 Enkei RPF1 on the Mk7 Golf R with 235/40-18 Continental DWS06+ all season tires. These are a sporty all season tire with great dry and wet grip, and acceptable winter performance for Richmond roads in our opinion. They're sportier than even the best all weather tires and cost a bit less than the Michelin AS4 (which does do better in the snow). 

The car is lowered on H&R Sport Springs (28816-1) which drops the front and rear 1". The drop is noticeable but we didn't experience any rubbing from lock to lock and under mild dips. We suspect it could rub the fender liner on larger dips. 

In regards to brake clearance, the R face (flat/concave) versions of the RPF1 don't have the best caliper clearance, but is sufficient for the Golf R and Audi S3's standard brakes. If you were to upgrade to 4 piston or 6 piston calipers you would likely need to add spacers or go with a different wheel design. 

Enkei RPF1 18x9 235/40-18 golf r
Enkei RPF1 golf r
Enkei RPF1 18x9 R face brake clearance
Enkei rpf1 weight golf r