Volkswagen Beetle Thinkware Dash Cam and Alloygator Install

We installed red Alloygator wheel protectors on this Volkswagen Beetle which had white and chrome factory wheels. The red really pops on this car and matches the factory red rings on the speakers. Our customer drives in downtown Vancouver a lot and curbed one of the wheels within the first week of ownership so the Alloygators were a good investment.

Additionally, we installed a 2-channel Thinkware F800 Pro dash cam system with the Thinkware hardwire kit. This gives it parking mode recording which is helpful for the types of places where this company vehicle will be parked. The rear camera is tricky to install as the hatchback is rather large and awkwardly positioned. Professional installation is recommended for a vehicle like this if you want a clean 2-channel dash cam setup.

VW Beetle overdrive

Thinkware f800 pro vw beetle

Thinkware f800 pro rear camera vw beetle

VW beetle rear dash cam