VIOFO A129 Duo Installed in Honda Civic Hatchback

The VIOFO A129 Duo is the first 2 channel offering from VIOFO, the company that previously took over the entry level dash cam market with offerings like the A118C and A119/A119S. The A129 builds on that legacy by retaining a similar discreet wedge shape. It adds super fast WiFi connectivity and a 1080P rear camera. Both cameras use the Sony STARVIS sensor and offer incredible video quality rivaling dash cams that cost 2-3x the price! 

Honda Civic A129 Overdrive

Our customer chose this dash cam for the form factor, functions, and video quality. One of the weak points of the A129 is that it doesn't have a true parking mode with buffered video recording. For that reason, we went with an accessory powered hardwire setup meaning the dash cam only turns on when the car is turned on. Those looking for a true parking mode setup should stick with Thinkware or Blackvue dash cams as they offer motion detection with buffered recording. 

VIOFO A129 Honda Civic

For the Civic, we mounted the A129 just to the left of the main module on the windshield. The tape is on the black dots (frit) so the majority of the device is hidden. In terms of size, it's more or less the same as the A119, although the rear camera is bigger than other rear cameras we've installed. With the rear camera, the USB comes straight out of the back of the housing so on a hatchback like this, we had to mount the camera a bit lower than we would with a Thinkware or Blackvue rear camera. If the camera was mounted flush against the trunk trim, the trim would not be able to clip back in to the car properly. 

Civic hatch VIOFO 2CH rear camera A129

The rear camera cable on the A129 is also noticeably thicker than the USB cables used by other manufacturers. While this might mean improved durability and shielding, it's tricky to run on a hatch like this so professional installation is recommended. Overall we're impressed with the build quality on this dash cam and we've been blown away by the sample videos we've seen. The VIOFO A129 should prove to be one of the most popular dash cams of 2018/2019

VIOFO A129 Rear camera wire hatchback

Check out the VIOFO A129 Duo here!