Toyota Venza Niche Misano Wheels

After a few years of running the factory 20" wheels, our customer decided it was time to give his Venza a new look. We previously installed H&R sport lowering springs which dropped the car about 1.4" all around giving it a more aggressive look. With the new gloss black wheels, the car finally has wheels with the right stance given the much wider wheel and offset combination. These are the Niche Misano (M119 gloss black) in a 20x9 +35 paired with 15mm H&R spacers bringing it to a +20.

We mounted 245 section width Toyo Celsius CUV tires on it to give it year round versatility. These are true all weather tires with the severe winter service rating and will greatly outperform the factory all seasons he had before. We also added black Alloygators to keep these wheels looking sharp. Curbage is hard to avoid with such a wide wheel on a narrower tire but at least with the Alloygators, the wheels will stay black. Without the wheel protectors, wheel curbage would show the metal underneath and be extremely obvious as you'll see silver marks. These nylon wheel protectors are black all the way through so they'll stay black even if they're curbed.

Install Pictures

niche misano m119 gloss black toyota venza Niche misano alloygators venza