Toyota Tundra 3-Channel Thinkware Surveillance Setup

This Tundra owner's work truck was in need of a parking surveillance setup. He works in the construction industry and frequently keeps tools in the cabin and in the open bed. While there is a locking tool box in the bed, he did not want to install a canopy so he wanted a way to keep an eye on his tools. 

We went with a three channel Thinkware FA200 setup. This includes two Thinkware FA200 main cameras on the front and rear windows. It also includes one 720P IR "rear" camera mounted on the front windshield facing the inside of the car which is plugged into the main camera on the front windshield. Technically there is an additional plug on the rear to easily add a fourth camera channel.

We mounted the rear windshield camera on the driver's side as this truck has a sliding rear window that opens towards the passenger side. One thing to note with this 3-channel setup is that with the camera mounted on the rear windshield, you'll need to reach the rear windshield to activate the WiFi. 

Install Pictures

Toyota Tundra 3-channel dash cam truck

Thinkware FA200 IR toyota tundra

Thinkware FA200 tundra rear window

Toyota Tundra bed dash cam

Thinkware FA200 ir infrared camera

Thinkware FA200 rear camera truck bed