Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Dash Cam Install

The Tacoma TRD Pro is one of the most off-road worthy factory pickup trucks for sale today. For an adventure truck like this, a good quality dash cam is a great idea as it can capture special moments when exploring. You don't need to remember to turn on a camera or press a record button as dash cams all record automatically. Our customer opted for the top-of-the-line Blackvue DR900S-2CH with the Power Magic Pro hardwire kit. The Power Magic Pro provides power even when the car is off and facilitates parking mode recording using the car's original battery.

For this install, our customer requested that we drill the PMP into the side panel as his previous truck had a similar setup but the module kept falling off. We found a nice spot on the kick panel to mount the PMP with the supplied screws. For the rear window, special attention has to be paid to the way the window slides. For this car, the camera has to be mounted on the driver's side of the car and will be off center to allow proper functioning of the rear window.

The rear camera is nice to have as it keeps an eye on anything you might have in the bed such as an ATV or dirt bike. It's not particularly good for capturing rear hit and runs as the height of the bed and the tailgate will block the license plate of any vehicle behind the truck.

Installation Pictures

Tacoma TRD Pro overdrive

Tacoma TRD Pro Power magic pro

Tacoma TRD Blackvue dr900s-2ch

Tacoma TRD Pro rear dash cam