Toyota Supra Thinkware Q800 Pro + Rho Plate Install

This A90 Toyota Supra came in for a Thinkware Q800 Pro dash cam and Rho Plate license plate mount. The customer didn't like the look of the center mounted plate and didn't want to drill into the factory bumper. With the Rho Plate, the license plate is mounted in the front bumper cavity on the driver's side. Because it sits behind the front parking sensors, there is no interference with the parking system. The Thinkware Q800 Pro records at 2K (1440P) and has been wired to run in parking mode. As with most newer BMW products, the Toyota Supra also has the battery in the trunk. It's worth noting that the standard hardwire kit is too short to reach this battery and needs to be extended a bit for hardwire installation.

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Supra A90 Rho Plate tow hook mount

thinkware q800 pro toyota a90 supra