Toyota RAV4 Prime Bentley Flying Spur + Thinkware Dash Cam + iVolt

A brand new Toyota RAV4 Prime and a Bentley Flying Spur wanted dash cams installed for peace of mind when driving in the lower mainland. Dash cams are useful for when your footage could mean not having to pay a deductible or raising your insurance premiums. The RAV4 Prime opted for Thinkware's U1000 2CH while the Flying Spur opted for the U3000 2CH. Both vehicles wanted extended parking recording (parking mode) so Thinkware iVolt's were installed as well. License plates are more legible with crystal clear 4K/2K resolution on Sony Starvis sensors in both cameras.

The U3000, being brand new at the time of posting, comes with a built-in radar for even longer parking mode. The radar isn't for GPS or tracking, but for working with the Sony Starvis sensors to detect motion within a certain vicinity to trigger parking recording. Less recordings with the same image means more room for more meaningful recordings (incident recordings). Contact us for more information for these cameras and more!