Toyota Rav4 Limited 2015 Sony XAV-AX1000 Apple CarPlay Install

One thing that late model Toyotas really lagged behind on was the integration of Apple CarPlay. These are very desirable daily drivers as they're efficient and roomy, but this generation of Rav4 Hybrid was never offered with Apple CarPlay from factory. A few things should be noted when doing a double din replacement on vehicles like this and one should note whether their vehicle has the upgraded JBL sound system, factory parking cameras/sensors, steering controls, and others. The hybrid system and fuel economy display generally cannot be retained with aftermarket systems. Even though limited trims of the Rav4 had a factory navigation system, these systems are generally clunky to use and don't offer the easy interface of Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze. Additionally, the Chinese language support offered through Siri/CarPlay was important for this particular customer. 

To facilitate the radio replacement, we used a dash kit from Metra and an interface from Crux. The Crux interface takes care of retaining steering controls, reverse camera (along with active guidelines), and all the necessary wire harnesses needed to do radio replacement on these late model Toyotas. We find that these modules are priced better than Axxess or PAC modules yet are even simpler to program. The head unit we installed is the Sony XAV-AX1000 praised for it's simplicity and rotary volume knob. This unit does not support Android Auto or CD/DVD playback. 

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2015 Rav4 Hybrid Limited Radio Replacement

Rav4 hybrid apple carplay 2015

Rav4 hybrid backup camera retention aftermarket radio