Toyota RAV4 (XA50) Hybrid XLE Eibach Pro Truck Lift Springs

We installed the Eibach Pro-Truck Lift Springs on the 2021 RAV4 Hybrid XLE. According to Eibach, these springs are supposed to give the crossover a 1.5" front and 1.2" rear lift. The same springs will fit on a standard RAV4 and give it a slightly bigger lift as they have a bit less weight since there's no batteries to carry. 

From factory, there is already enough clearance to run a 29.5" tire (245/65R17), but with the lift springs, hopefully we can go with an even bigger tire. The car as pictured is only sitting on a 29.0" winter tire (235/65R17). 

Overall, ride quality has gone down a bit and is noticeably harsher than the stock soft springs. However, despite a higher center of gravity, the car drives better and controls body roll better with these. There is a tendency to rebound quite aggressively with these Eibach springs compared to stock however, so the ride may not be ideal for all users. Hopefully shock upgrades will be available down the road to match the stiffer springs. At the moment there are no shock upgrades available for this chassis. 

The Eibach Part # is E30-82-088-01-22

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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Eibach Pro Truck Lift Springs


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 Toyota Rav4 stock shock Eibach pro truck lift

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