Toyota RAV4 (3rd Generation) R20X Dash Cam & Backup Cam

We installed the RDTK R20X on this 3rd generation Toyota RAV4. This generation RAV4 is tricky to do a backup camera on due to the swinging tailgate and the off center license plate mount. We mounted the rear camera on the trim piece just above the license plate as there is a factory plastic insert for where a factory camera would go. The camera can be adjusted up and down while the up position would work better as a dash cam or perhaps even a digital rearview mirror (similar to the 5th generation RAV4's).

This type of dash cam/backup camera is a great value if the owner is not considering replacing the radio. Given the age of the vehicle however, we would definitely recommend looking into aftermarket head units for bluetooth, CarPlay, Android Auto, and of course a camera display. 

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Rav4 3rd gen backup camera

Toyota RAV4 R20X

RAV4 R20X Backup camera