Toyota Prius V Thinkware Q800 Pro and Window Tint

We fitted this Prius V with the Thinkware Q800 Pro 2-Channel dash cam which has a 2K front camera and a 1080P rear camera. Both cameras feature a Sony STARVIS sensor and offer really good night time recording. Note: we did not mount the rear camera in the pictures below as the tint was still drying, this can take several days. We did however run the rear camera cable to the top center of the rear window which is the ideal spot for the dash cam.

For the tint, we did a Suntek Coolsight 90 for the front doors and an 18% rear tint. This car has particularly tall windows which let in a lot of light so tint really helps to reduce the heat and greenhouse effect. Not only that but the car did not come with a cargo cover so the contents of the trunk would be otherwise very visible. 

The car looks much more aggressive with the tint and we think it works really well with the black paint and grey wheels. The 90% front tint is strictly for reducing heat and has no privacy effect. This is important as it is technically illegal in BC to have an aftermarket front window tint. The CoolSight is essentially clear but offers superior IR/solar energy rejection compared to the cabon line. This car has a total of 9 windows, not counting the front windshield.

Install Pics

Prius v overdrive

Prius V Thinkware Q800 Pro

Thinkware Q800 Pro rear 2-channel prius

Prius V Window tint