Toyota Prius Pioneer AVH-W4400 NEX Install

Late-model vehicles add a degree of complexity for head unit installations. This 2010 Toyota Prius came with a number of features that we must take into consideration when doing an install. These include factory reverse camera, steering wheel controls, and the JBL amplifier. For this car we used the iDatalink Maestro RR module and Toyota-specific harness to retain most of these functions. That being said, for the backup camera, we had to run a wire up to the reverse display integrated into the rearview mirror.

iDatalink Maestro RR

For cars like these, we recommend going with a head unit that has the Maestro specific input. Most higher end decks from Alpine, Pioneer, and Kenwood/JVC will have this feature. For this car, if the receiver does not have the Maestro serial input port, digital fade is not possible and only the balance (left/right) can be adjusted. Additionally with Maestro RR head units, an OBD connection is available which allows display of various performance gauges, tire pressure, and engine error codes.

Pioneer AVH-W4400 NEX

This new double din from Pioneer is a top-of-the-line system with just about every feature short of built-in navigation. One of the stand-out features with this model is the wireless Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay capability. In comparison to products from Alpine, JVC, and Kenwood, that are currently on the market, the Pioneer is the only one to offer both platforms with wireless connectivity. The wireless connection is also very fast making for an enjoyable user experience. 

Of course, wired connectivity and media support is also here in full effect, with features such as:

  • CD/DVD Player 
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • Dual USB ports with 1.5A charging
  • HDMI Input
  • RCA Aux Input and Rear A/V Input
  • Dual camera input (e.g., front/rear)
  • Sirius XM Tuner Direct Input

The audio features of this deck are also great with 4 volt pre-amp outputs, 13 band EQ, and various crossover/DSP settings. It's one of our favourite head units as it has everything short of offline maps. For many users, the Google Maps and Waze apps through Apple CarPlay/Android Auto are more user-friendly and offer better navigation than built-in maps any way.

Install Pictures

Prius Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX Receiver

Prius factory backup camera retention

Prius AVH-W4400NEX double din

Prius backup camera retention

Prius factory radio replacement