Toyota MR-S LED Lighting and Alpine ILX-W650 Double Din

We did a full LED replacement lighting package on this Toyota MR-S with Philips LED chips. For the headlights and foglights we used the Infinity LED IlluminX series bulbs. These come with a 10 year warranty and utilize Philips LED chips. For the fog lights, we used the yellow adhesive tint film that comes with these bulbs. The fog lights require bumper removal to access which is not too tricky for this vehicle. The H7 low beam bulbs, which are housed in projector units, require a special adapter that's also used for some Mazda vehicles. This one is trickier to do as the adapter fitment with aftermarket bulbs is not exactly plug and play. 

The cabin only has one LED which is a 31mm festoon bulb in the middle of the windshield header trim. We used the Philips Ultinon bulb as these have proven to be very reliable and the housing has a nice lens to it that properly disperses light. Cheaper generic LEDs typically have LED chips that only shoot in one direction and don't offer a good spread. This is most noticeable with license plate lights when you see just a patch of bright light near the top of the plate but the overall plate is poorly lit. We used the Philips 194W Ultinon LED which offers a light spread similar to factory halogen 194 bulbs but is brighter and has a cool white colour. We've had bad experiences in the past with generic LED for license plate bulbs as they're on all the time while driving so they burn relatively quickly. Generic LEDs are fine to use in the interior since the lights are typically only on for a few seconds at a time but always on bulbs like parking lights and license plate bulbs go through a lot more stress. The savings for generic LED's would not be worth it as you'd have to change the bulbs frequently. 

For the head unit, this MR-S has the Alpine ILX-W650 which is a fairly full featured deck. It has a shallow chassis which is perfect for this car as the rear of the radio is relatively exposed since the center console does not extend all the way to the firewall. This receiver has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, bluetooth, and a 7" capacitive touchscreen. It looks super clean and offers way better sound than the factory Toyota system. 

Toyota MR-S Illuminx led headlight bulb

Alpine ILX-W650 double din mr-s

Philips ultinon toyota 31mm

Toyota mr-s led license plate bulbs