Toyota Grand Highlander Viofo T130-3CH

This customer brought in their new Grand Highlander for dash cams and was looking for something with more than 2 angles of video. The recommendation to the customer was Viofo's T130-3CH dash cam, offering 2K front video footage, 1080p rear camera, and a 1080 IR interior camera. The 1080 IR cam is rotatable left and right and is placed next to the front facing camera on the same mount.

The Viofo T130 is really bang for buck for those chasing after decent video resolution yet not wanting to compromise certain features such as:

  • Wi-Fi connection to view recordings,
  • wide angles of view (140 degrees front, 166 degrees inside, and 165 degrees rear),
  • parking mode (recording while car is off),
  • supports 256gb microSD storage, vs some dash cam brands only supporting 128gb maximums.

A Thinkware iVolt battery pack was also installed for this Grand Highlander as is recommended for any hybrid or fully electric vehicles. Modern dash cams switch in and out of parking mode based on the voltages read from the vehicle's battery, and sometimes the vehicle's hybrid or full battery does not enter the parking mode's voltage cutoff.  

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