Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ + Jackson Racing Oil Cooler


There has been major discussion regarding oil cooling, oil pressure, and how hot the FA20 (as high as 270F/132C) gets on the Gen 1 86/BRZ (ZN6/ZC6). Even now on the FA24 Gen 2 GR86/BRZ (ZN8/ZD8) it's been known that the engine temps get concerningly hot on track. It's genuinely a bit surprising that Toyota and Subaru continue to market the 86/BRZ as track ready sports cars but haven't done much to tackle the oil temp issues. Oil temps on both the FA20 and FA24 are known shoot up fast on track. When temp limits are pushed, engine oil can degrade or break down and oil pressure drops significantly. These increase the risk of blowing the engine.

Jackson Racing has been mentioned throughout forums and track enthusiasts alike and for good reason: their oil coolers for the 86/BRZ are proven to work. Our shop GR86 has been fitted with Jackson Racing's Track Engine Oil Cooler as it sees a lot of track days. The oil cooler was designed in-house at Jackson Racing and was race developed, in addition to using Setrab 9-series core.

The oil cooler is a must for those who frequent the track with their 86/BRZ as this keeps the temps cool and prevents oil temp issues.