Toyota GR Supra (A90) Track Prep w/ Verus + KW Clubsport + Apex

The A90 has been proving time and time again its potential for being a track vehicle. Our customer decided it was time to put this to the test with installing a new set of Apex VS-5RS wheels wrapped in Hankook RS4's, KW Clubsport coilovers, Verus's rear diffuser, and their brake cooling kit. This setup is still super street friendly, yet also being able to chase times at the track.

The VS-5RS from Apex has given us really good experiences on and off track, with the forged wheel shaving off a good portion of unsprung mass with its forged production yet withstanding hard track use. It also provides ample clearance for any big brake kits you may want to install down the road. This spec VS-5RS has offsets low enough to clear the stock front struts as well.

While the Supra already has decent brake heat dissipation from the factory, our customer wanted more, so we also installed Verus's brake cooling kit (we deal direct with Verus!). Installed also was the Verus rear diffuser, which is engineered in-house to reduce drag and lift and provides an aggressive look to the rear end.

To finish the current setup, KW V3 Clubsport's were installed. 2-way rebound and compression damping adjustability and built-in camber plates offers the user fine-tuning when setting up for track use. Overall, this car has a good rotatable track setup with everything that's been installed on it!

Apex VS-5RS + Hankook R-S4

  • Apex VS-5RS in Satin Black finish
  • 18x10 +30 square
  • Hankook Ventus R-S4
  • 275/40-18 square