Toyota Corolla Thinkware F70 + GPS Install

The Thinkware F70 is an entry-level camera that we don't carry but is a popular option at Best Buy and on The video quality is the same as the older Thinkware F50 and is a noticeable step down from our Thinkware FA200 dash cams when it comes to dynamic range and overall sharpness. Not only that but the lower end processor on the F70 will not support a rear camera, hence why there is no rear camera accessory for this model. 

It does however offer the same great parking mode found on other Thinkware dash cams and is very energy efficient. When paired with the optional GPS antenna, it will also sync the time automatically and alert the driver of red light cameras and speed cameras. For our customer, this was an important feature as he drives a lot for work and a speed camera ticket would easily cost more than this dash cam. 

While we don't carry this dash cam model, the installation process is the same as any other Thinkware dash cam. With this car, we discreetly mounted the GPS antenna under and inside the factory mirror housing where it will be invisible. Those that are considering the F70 should definitely consider our FA200 1CH install special however as the overall bundled price is a better value in our opinion. The FA200 offers not only better video quality but also WiFi connectivity which is huge. WiFi lets the user ensure the camera is working properly as well as download videos and change settings. Furthermore, the option to add either an interior infrared camera or a rear dash cam is another reason to go with the FA200.

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Toyota Corolla Thinkware F70

Thinkware F70 GPS Corolla