Toyota Corolla Fast FC08 18x9.5 +38

We previously upgraded the factory head unit, installed window tint, and RSR Down Sus lowering springs on this 2020 Toyota Corolla SE. It's a nightshade edition so it has black trim everywhere for a more aggressive look. We installed winter tires on the factory 18x8 wheels so our customer wanted a new set of wheels to run during the Spring and Summer months.

Because the car was so new we decided to keep the factory Michelin all seasons for a bit longer. There's no real resale value to these tires but they have lots of tread and less than 10000km on them. That being said, the sizing is a little narrow for a 9.5" wide wheel so some stretching is involved. The stock tire size is a 225/40R18 but a 255/35R18 tire would be a nice square size for this wheel. The RSR lowering springs lower the car about 1.2" front and 0.8" rear

That being said, because of the narrow tire, even with the lowering and not too much camber, the Corolla can fit such a wide width and offset with ease. With a 245 or 255 width tire, we may start seeing some rubbing. This size is a little less than an inch further out from stock. The factory mag seat washer lug nuts also will not work on an aftermarket wheel like this. We fitted this car with our black Ceco spline drive lug nuts and hub rings for safe operation.

Because these are a flow formed wheel, despite being physically wider the whole setup is about 5 pounds lighter than our customer's Winter setup.

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Toyota Corolla 18x9.5 +38 fast fc08

Fast FC08 dark bronze toyota corolla white

Fast fc08 toyota corolla 18x9.5

Fast FC08 18x9.5 toyota corolla