Toyota 4Runner (5th Gen) Thinkware FA200 2-Channel Dash Cam Install

The 4Runner has always had a bit of an issue installing a rear dash cam and even backup cameras due to the sliding rear window. There isn't a good spot on the hatch itself where you can mount the camera and still hide the wires reasonably well. In the case of the 4th and 5th gen 4Runners, we make a small bracket to mount the rear dash cam to. This lets it see out the rear regardless of the rear window position. However, users need to be careful not to knock off the rear dash cam when loading larger items in the trunk.

The Thinkware FA200 2CH our customer chose is the entry-level front and rear system from Thinkware. It features 1080P front recording and 720P rear recording and is a big step up from its predecessors (F50, F70, F100) in terms of video quality. The parking mode feature is great and features memory partitioning and has proven to be very energy efficient compared to more expensive models. For these 4Runners, we still recommend a battery pack like the Thinkware iVolt BAB-50 if overnight recording is required. 

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Toyota 4runner thinkware dash cam

Toyota 4runner thinkware fa200

Toyota 4runner thinkware rear dash cam window