Toyota 4Runner (3rd Gen) Stereo Upgrade

Aftermarket receivers like the Pioneer MVH-200EX are an affordable way to add a whole lot of connectivity with bluetooth and USB inputs but are also a good first step to other audio upgrades. Not only does it add a lot more equalizer tuning but the 3 pairs of pre-outs are perfect for adding amplifiers and subwoofers. The sound processing and support for digital media alone makes for a significant improvement in sound quality.

4Runner 3rd gen pioneer double din

For this 4Runner, we also ugpraded the front door speakers to Alpine's S-S65 coaxial speakers which can handle significantly more power and offer better bass response than the factory paper cone speakers. We also added sound deadening on the front doors with DB Link's Buzzmat which increases sound pressure levels and reduces road noise for a more premium feel. We were able to modify and adapt the factory speaker bracket to install this 6.5" speaker which makes for a pretty clean install!

Alpine S-S65 Toyota 4Runner Speaker

In the bass department, our customer opted for the JVC CW-DRA8 which is a compact powered enclosure. This JVC unit is our favourite compact powered sub as it features a full 8" woofer and has a solid metal housing. The 150W RMS power rating matches some entry level 12" subs and installation time is significantly less as power can come straight from the fuse box. Unfortunately we weren't able to install this subwoofer under the driver's seat due to the low seat height on this generation of 4Runner so we bolted it to the back of the 2nd row seats.

JVC CW-DRA8 Subwoofer 4runner

All-in-all, the system in this 4Runner was an affordable way to add a whole lot of convenience and a noticeable improvement in sound quality. These trucks are very dependable and are a great choice for camping and other adventures. With the upgrades done to this 4Runner, the car is bound to be a lot more enjoyable on future journeys!