Thinkware FA200 Uber Rideshare Setup in Toyota Camry

We installed this Thinkware FA200 IR Combo in our customer's rideshare vehicle, a 2019 Toyota Camry SE. This car is being used for Uber and our customer wanted a dash cam not only to protect himself from other drivers, but also for occupants should any confrontation arise. 

We hardwired the camera to work both in driving and parking mode. Typically 4-cylinder sedans like these can get a couple of hours of parking recording, but as we advised our customer, overnight parking recording would likely need a battery pack like the Thinkware iVolt. We also upgraded our customer to a 128GB Micro SD card as the standard 16GB would not be sufficient for a shift's worth of Uber driving. 

We installed the rear facing interior camera on the passenger's side where it's able to view all the passengers as well as the driver. We initially wanted to install the rear camera just above the mirror, but the sensor module housing was a bit too curvy and not great for attaching the flat adhesive mount of the dash cam. 

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Toyota camry thinkware fa200

Thinkware FA200 IRC Uber rideshare camry

Thinkware FA200 interior view sedan camry

Toyota camry uber overdrive rideshare