Thinkware Dash Cam for GMC Cube Van

A dash cam in our opinion is the most important accessory for any commercial driver. In the event of an accident, insurance companies will typically favour smaller passenger cars and put a truck, bus, or van driver at fault. With an at-fault claim, insurance rates go up just like with regular car insurance, but these rates directly affect the bottom-line for a business. Not only that, but they can affect a driver's record which may hurt their opportunities for employment. 

A simple 1-channel dash cam like the Thinkware FA200 we installed on this fleet of GMC cube vans costs under $300 after tax and less than a typical insurance deductible. These cameras can significantly reduce headache in the event of an accident. The new FA200, even adds WiFi to allow the driver to download videos at the scene of an accident.

We highly recommend getting a larger memory card like a 64GB or 128GB as this will greatly extend the amount of time before videos overwrite on the memory card. If a driver keeps driving and doesn't save the video before it's overwritten, there's not much that can be done to retrieve it. These dash cams do have a built-in G-sensor that separates incident videos but due to the harsh ride on some of these trucks and vans, it's easy for the dash cam to confuse real accidents and regular bumps in the road.

Contact us today to get your fleet equipped with some of the most dependable dash cams on the market!

Install Pictures

GMC CUbe van thinkware f50

GMC Cube van thinkware fa200