Theft from Vehicle Captured on Thinkware F770 2CH

A thief broke into our customer's vehicle when they were at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver for a check up. The Thinkware F770 2-channel dash cam in their Mercedes was able to get a clear shot of the culprit. With this video evidence submitted to security at St. Paul's, they were informed as to who they need to look out for.

Thinkware Parking Mode Dash Cams

The Thinkware dash cam is triggered by motion detection as well as impact detection. In the video you can hear the beep indicating the shock sensor being triggered when the trunk is closed. These clips are separated in the parking incident folder. The other type of video is motion detection which is where the recording is triggered by movement such as a car driving by or a person walking by. These happen a lot more frequently so they're separated so as not to overwrite any impacts such as a hit and run.

Video Footage