Tesla Model Y Winter Package + Michelin X-Ice Snow

Temperatures here in the lower mainland are dropping fast, and in turn so are the roads. Summer tires have a harder time holding traction on colder pavement which poses danger for the driver and others around. This Model Y got the memo and had us install a winter wheel and tire package in preparation for the weather. The package includes a set of 18" wheels with Tesla styling mounted on Michelin X-Ice Snow. While the factory setup is 19", there are no issues with downsizing to 18" on the RWD and Long Range Model Y, as the clearance is sufficient to fit these wheels and the overall diameter of this package is similar to stock sizing. For the Performance model with the extra rear caliper cover, wheel weight placement needs to be attended to ensure clearance. This package runs a 55 sidewall winter tire, allowing for better winter performance by trading off some dry grip for better snow and ice traction. Additionally a taller tire provides better impact protection on rough winter pavement, especially if there are harder snow and ice buildup. Check our specials page for pricing regarding this package and other winter packages available!

TS3GB + Michelin X-Ice Snow

  • TS3GB in Gloss Black finish
  • 18x8.5 +35 square
  • Michelin X-Ice Snow
  • 235/55-18 square